Association „Aicinājums Tev”  

is non-governmental organization, mainly bringing together people with disabilities, their family members, friends and supporters with one goal - encourage people of all ages with disabilities to integrate into society to make their lives better.

The society was founded in 2003. Its activities are mainly focused on integration of people of all ages with disabilities into society; rights and interests; citizens' organization of leisure time and social-cultural development; promotion of employment; adult and youth education; social services.

Society's objectives:

  • integration of people with disabilities in society and to promote their rights and interests,
  • development of civil society and a positive attitude to their effective participation in public life,
  • educating members of the public, adult and youth education,
  • Socially disadvantaged person groups (people with disabilities, youth and senior citizens) and improve their families’ quality of life and promotion of employment.

Society operates in several directions:

 - Integration and Education Centre is an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills or add to the various training programs.

- Day center for people with mental disabilities called "Saulespuķes" provide social skills and social rehabilitation services.

- Disabled sports club "Sigulda" offers a range of sports activities, organizes sport events and also participates in different sport competitions. Sports activities are open to both people with disabilities and without.

- Daily employment center with specialized workshops, where a variety of vocational skills are taught for all of the members of public. Established "Creative workshop" is composed of six studies.


In order to promote inter-generational cooperation, developed training programs are offered to people of different ages with and without disabilities, young people and senior citizens.


The Society regularly hosts a variety of events and activities, such as: Christmas Charity Concert, a charity campaign "From Heart to Heart" and "Give joy to self and others," New Year's Ball, the annual Society "Singing festival" and “Sports Festival ", organize and manage annual summer camp, organize different cultural tours within country and outside and promote exchange visits with other organizations, engage in activities to promote volunteering and the different branches within our organization and promote, social entrepreneurship.